Firstly, i’m so grateful you’re here!

I help fellow online ESL teachers turn their teaching passion into an online business. It’s my mission to help the ambitious & adventurous break-free from the frustrating ESL teaching cycle and create more freedom and flexibility in life by creating an online teaching business.  

​Having the ability to teach & work from literally wherever is a dream!


To say I'm grateful is truly an understatement.

​But my life wasn't always that way...

​Before online teaching I had been a camp counsellor, youth counsellor, shop assistant, special needs teacher, teaching assistant....

​I was lost. I loved working with kids but I never saw it as a long term career...

​I came back from travelling and had always thought about becoming a teacher. I got myself a job in a primary school as a Teaching Assistant. My goal was to get a little experience then get a PGCE (Teaching Qualification) and become a teacher! ​

After a few months of working in a school and learning the school system I quickly realised it wasn’t for me. I loved the students, I loved the teaching, I loved watching them grow, educating them but something wasn't right. 

At lunch time, the staff room was full of teachers complaining about their job, complaining about the school, how stressed they were, the long hours, the unfair school system, the low pay.

I was surrounded by people who weren’t happy either.


It was draining.  

Was this real life? 

I was clock watching. Waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for Friday, waiting for my next holiday. I did not want to wish my life away. At the time I was reading an AMAZING book by Eckhart Tolle 'The Power Of Now' and I realised thing had to change. 

I wanted to be present, enjoy what i was doing, make an income and an impact...was that too much to ask?

I had this feeling deep down that i was meant for more. I had no idea which direction to go.

What did I really want to do? Truthfully - I wanted to hop on a plane and use the last of my savings to travel again - but I knew it was a cycle. I’d end up coming back the following year still in the same position.

What options did I have? Do a PGCE for another £20k, get another degree? 

Why was I moving backwards and everyone else seemed to be moving forward?

Was there something wrong with wanting more flexibility in life, creating something for myself but still working?

I had to figure something out.

​Fortunately, I eventually found online teaching.

Get your FREE TRAINING - The process that allowed me to walk away from the norm and step into a life of freedom by starting an online teaching business

At first it was part-time - I worked for a couple of online ESL teaching companies at the weekend I taught kids, adults students from China, Taiwan, Japan! It was so much fun

I didn't dread 'going to work'. I was excited again. 


As I started to learn more, gain experience, earn ESL qualifications and understand the industry I decided to start to try and find my own students. At first it was a struggle, i was overwhelmed with information and it seemed all other ESL teachers were accepting working for an ESL company with little flexibility and average pay. 

But, I wanted more

Going independent and starting teaching my own students, creating my own teaching business is what truly allowed me to step away from the norm and create the ultimate life flexibility and freedom. 

It wasn't easy. 


There were some ups and downs, trial and error, risks and learning curves. 

It was a challenge. But it was so worth it! 


The freedom I have now with my teaching business allows me to live exactly how I would like...

  • Being my own boss (not asking permission)

  • Creator of my own schedule (I don’t usually work Fridays!)

  • Making an income online (Wherever I go!)

  • Enhancing the lives of students 

As I started on this journey, I remembered the little things that I love about life that I now had time to do….

  • Quiet afternoons in the gym 

  • Going on midweek adventures with my best friend and her baby 

  • Taking my Grandma out for lunch 

  • Taking my teaching business with me for a month in Malta 

  • Booking a flight for the next day without hesitation 

Now I want to help you do the same - create an online teaching business so that you can start making an impact and income from anywhere!

The system I have created is completely duplicatable, no matter what your interests or skills are in English you can TEACH it and teach it YOUR WAY.