Turn your teaching passion into an online business.

I help fellow ESL teachers turn their teaching passion into an online business. It’s my mission to help the ambitious and adventurous break free from the frustrating ESL teaching cycle and create more freedom and flexibility in life by creating an online teaching business. 

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I'm Jessica...

I spent a couple of years after university travelling around the world working in the travel industry, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and creating new memories. I loved it. I came back to England and everything changed. Everyone around me was settling into life, climbing the career ladder basically appearing to have their shit together. 

I on the other hand did not. It was time for me to get a ‘real job’ I decided to get some experience working in a school and train to be a teacher! 


It wasn’t what I expected, I started to dread Monday mornings, staying behind until late every night, commuting over an hour to work and back daily, prepping for lessons on weekends...time was flying by, I was too tired to do anything after work….


I felt like a robot. Eat, work, sleep repeat?

I enjoyed the teaching, but not the lifestyle. 

Is becoming your own boss for you?

This cannot be life...


I missed travelling, I missed my yoga classes, I missed the little things in life that made me smile and I hated feeling like I was wasting my life away. 

I knew I'd have to find a job that allowed me the freedom of travelling but the security of a regular income? This seemed like too much to ask but with research, dedication and a little risk I discovered online teaching...


Instead of spending all my time working at a job I didn't enjoy very much, too drained to go to the gym or even see my friends, I put my time and energy into creating an online teaching business so i could work from wherever I liked…

Can you make an impact & income online?

From stuck to freedom

Since then, I have travelled when i liked, taught students from all over the globe and had full control over how i spend my time all because of teaching online...


I sometimes can’t believe how much life has changed.


I went from lost and confused to becoming my own boss,  creating my own schedule and spending my time on my own terms.


I don’t spend hours preparing for lessons, commuting, staying late at work and I'm so grateful. 


Online ESL teaching has allowed me to teach students from all over the world, make a small impact in students lives, make an income online all whilst fulfilling my goals of living and working from anywhere! 


Now, I want to share everything I've learned with you!

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